Product #:4076
Product Name:2 (5,6) DIMETHYL PYRAZINE
FEMA #:3272/3273
CAS #:123-32-0/108-50-9
EINECS #:204-618-3/203-589-4
FLAVIS #:14.020/14.021
Odor Characteristics:Chocolate, Nutty, Roasted
HS Code:2933.99.1200
UN Number:1993
HMIS Health:2
HMIS Flammability:2
HMIS Reactivity:0
Empirical Formula:C6H8N2
Melting Point (°C):  
Boiling Point (°C): 
Flash Point (°C):52.8
Specific Gravity:0.980-1.010
Refractive Index:1.485-1.515
Assay:58-61% min. 2,5 isomer
Solubility:Partly soluble in water; soluble in most organic solvents.
Storage:In tightly closed container away from light and source of ignition at max. 20°C