Product #:1257
FEMA #:2923
CAS #:123-38-6
EINECS #:204-623-0
FLAVIS #:5.002
Odor Characteristics:Pungent
HS Code:2912.19.2000
UN Number:1275
HMIS Health:2
HMIS Flammability:4
HMIS Reactivity:0
Synonym:Methyl Acetaldehyde
Empirical Formula:C3H6O
Melting Point (°C):  
Boiling Point (°C):47.0
Flash Point (°C):-40.0
Specific Gravity:0.795-0.830
Refractive Index:1.355-1.375
Assay:97% min.
Solubility:Soluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents.
Storage:In tightly closed container with minimal headspace away from light and source of ignition under nitrogen at max. 4ºC